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Belinda Strotheide

President, Seed Stock Media

Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the apples in a seed.

Robert Schuller


We named our company Seed Stock Media for several reasons.  The whole idea of seeds is visionary.  A little bit of organic matter goes into the ground and comes out the most amazing plant or tree producing a harvest of fruit.  Talk about Return on Investment.


You know the story of Johnny Appleseed, right?  He was a real person.  His name was John Chapman and he carted horse-loads of apple seeds and planted them through the Ohio Valley.  He had a vision that resulted in apple nurseries covering five frontier states.  He was also a missionary and shared the gospel wherever he went.

“Chapman was quick to preach the gospel as he traveled, and during his travels he converted many Native Americans, whom he admired. The Native Americans regarded him as someone who had been touched by the Great Spirit, and even hostile tribes left him strictly alone.”      wikipedia

Planting seeds is a creative act filled with faith.  It is the expression of one’s belief in the future, especially if you are planting trees.  We are inspired by the miracle in the seed and see Internet marketing as a way for businesses and organizations to plant seeds.  We see Internet media as an amazing opportunity for sharing stories, engaging constituents, and offering services to a staggering number of people trying find solutions and products.

Our mission is to help businesses, organizations, churches and municipalities tell their best stories online. With arts training and a business background, I find designing and developing websites for clients provides the best of both worlds.  We work to help people identify and create their stories in both words and pictures and then develop sites that make it easy for their target audience to find them and resonate with the message.

Site Design & Development Values:

  • Beauty and functionality can co-exist
  • Time is important, so fast project turnaround is our goal
  • Customer satisfaction is the measure of success

What does it take to make the seed and harvest process come alive?  We believe it is about having faith, taking action and then being diligent.  A few tools and a couple of skills also help.  We aim to provide the tools and skills, so your part is to bring the faith and give us a call.


Who We Are

Belinda Strotheide, President

Belinda Strotheide has worked as a consultant developing promotional campaigns, websites, media and marketing workshops for small businesses and organizations in Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon and Texas.

She has an understanding of the challenges faced by small businesses through her experience in assisting new and expanding businesses with business plans and marketing strategies.

Belinda is a summa cum laude graduate from Oregon State University with a degree in merchandise management and business administration.  She also holds an Associate of Arts degree from Southwestern Oregon Community College with a visual art and design concentration.


Mike Strotheide, Vice President

Mike has been an award winning leader in Economic Development for over 25 years and has represented communities, regions and states in the successful pursuit of projects.  His experience in marketing and promotion led to recruitment of over 9,000 jobs.

He has worked with a variety of community, business and government stakeholders as well as served as a director on multiple boards and councils across the United States.  His experience in marketing and project development provides indispensable insight for moving the company forward.

Mike graduated from Minot State University and during his career completed training and was awarded the CEcD designation from the International Economic Development Council (IEDC).


Jenelle Watson, Publishing & Communications Consultant

For nearly 25 years, Jenelle has been responsible for creating and launching a wide variety of print and digital publications from magazines and niche publications to news and advertising.  Her work has included developing publishing partnerships with major corporations as well providing services to publishers, businesses and nonprofit profit organizations throughout the United States.

She has broad expertise in the publishing world from concept to launch. In addition she is experienced in managing teams and running the operational and editorial aspects of publications which makes her a valuable consultant on all client publication projects.

An award-winning reporter, editor, and publications manager, Jenelle studied communications at Appalachian State University and is currently completing a degree in Educational Studies through Western Governor’s University.

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